Transportation Department:
(770) 932-7565


 The Transportation Department of Buford City Schools is proud to contribute to the educational day by providing safe and efficient transportation for eligible students to all approved activities. This includes travel to and from school, educational field trips, and other athletic events and competitions.

We are very proud of our staff of fully-qualified drivers. Each driver possesses a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) with an S Endorsement, which includes passenger buses with air brakes. All Buford City School System bus drivers must have a criminal background check, motor vehicle report, random drug/alcohol testing and attend all required safety meetings. Our drivers are certified in First Aid and CPR training.
The Transportation Department is dedicated to providing our students with safe and efficient transportation to and from school and all school-related activities.

General Information and Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the bus come so early?
All buses transport more than one load to school each day, so in order for the children to arrive on time for their instructional day to begin, we have to start pick ups early. Drivers are not required to make stops where students are not waiting at the stop. Drivers are not allowed to blow horns to alert students that the bus has arrived. Drivers will wait, when possible, for students they see coming to the bus; however, students will be referred to the school administrator for disciplinary action if this occurs frequently.

Why can't the bus stop in front of my house?
It is impossible for the bus to make door to door stops. Stops are assigned on the basis of safety, number of students, distance of walk and student age. The behavior of students at the bus stop is the responsibility of the parents/guardians. Adults should be present at all elementary stops. Supervision of the students by Buford City Schools begins when students board the school bus.
How many students can ride on a bus?
We have 66, 72 and 84 passenger buses. State law provides that a school bus may have up to 20% overload capacity. However, it is not the policy of the Buford Board of Education to permit standing.

How much does a bus cost?
Buses are in excess of $60,000.00 per unit. Please encourage your child to help keep their bus clean.

How can I know if school is cancelled for inclement weather? 
Radio: 750 A.M. / 550 A.M. / Z 93 F.M.
Television: WSB Channel 2 / WAGA Channel 5 / WXIA Channel 11 / WGCL Channel 46

What if my child has a change in their bus transportation needs?
Contact the school that your child attends. We do not allow children to ride buses other than their home bus. No children are allowed to ride home with other students.
If you have more questions about bus stops, routes, safety, training, or job opportunities, please call the

Transportation Department at (770) 932-7565.