Wolf TV

Wolf TV is our in-house morning announcement broadcast. The news is a student-run production. Students are selected each month by homeroom teachers and the Wolf TV station manager using a variety of critera including attendance, behavior, and classroom participation. Students learn to operate the news equipment and the basics of broadcasting. It is not necessesary to arrive early to participate. They meet each morning of their participation time at 7:40 am to allow time for practicing the script. The news broadcast begins at 8:00 am. Students are back in class by 8:10 am.
News Anchor Reports the main portion of the news each day News Anchor
Reporter Reports special announcements and/or weather Reporter
(x2 people)
Operates cameras and teleprompters for the on-screen anchor and reporter Camera Operator
Video Board Controls the video board output and chromakey screening Video Board
Sound Board Operates all of the audio feed for the production Teleprompter