BSA Transportation Information

BSA Transportation Information

Bus Riders

Please make sure that your student knows their bus number.

Day Care Riders

Please make sure the front office is aware of what day care bus your student will ride. It is the parent’s responsibility to communicate with the daycare if student is absent or has a transportation change.

Car Riders

Students will not have a car rider number.

Morning Drop Off – Begins at 7:30. Doors close at 8:05. Class instructional time begins at 8:10.

Please keep the right lane of the car rider line clear from entrance to covered area until 7:30 am. This lane is used for Wolf Pack drop off only prior to 7:30.

Afternoon Pick Up – Begins at 3:00. Ends at 3:25.

Students are responsible for watching for their ride to arrive in the car lane. When it is safe and signaled by a staff member, students will enter their car. We ask that you prepare your child to watch for their ride and listen carefully to instructions.

When buses arrive, 4th grade car riders will move to the front entrance of the school building (around 3:10).


Students not picked up by 3:25 will be sent to Wolf Pack and charged the $50.00 fee.

There will be no transportation changes after 2:30.

There will be no checkouts or office dismissals after 2:30