BSA Media Center Website

Welcome! The Buford Senior Academy Media Center offers a multi-dimensional program designed to meet the needs and interests of our students. It’s our goal to create an environment that fosters a love of reading for pleasure and information. We recognize that reading for pleasure is a wonderful activity with many benefits. Reading is also the foundation for becoming an effective user of information and ideas, especially in this technology-driven age where information is so widely available. Please explore the various programs available to encourage and support our students in reading for pleasure and information.
Volunteer Opportunities
If you are interested in volunteering in our Media Center or helping us out with Fall or Spring Book Fair, please email [email protected]. Please click here for information on volunteering. 
Lexile Leveling: The Buford Senior Academy Media Center is Lexile based. Lexile measures the complexity of the text by breaking down the entire piece and studying its characteristics, such as sentence length and word frequency, which represent the challenges of the text. Vocabulary, text structures, and readability are also accounted for when determining the level. All books are measured using this guide, but all books are different, even in the same series or with the same author. Nonfiction books, fiction books, and picture books are not compared side by side, but instead through these characteristics. Some books may be shorter or longer, but length is not the determining factor.