BSA Administration

​Although the classroom teacher is the most visible person in your child’s life at school, it is the administrators who must provide the highest quality education for all students. We appreciate your faith in us and take our responsibilities very seriously. We acknowledge that we are ultimately responsible for our school's success. Our goal is to ensure continuing success by leading teaching and learning. We facilitate the hiring, development, and retention of the best highly-qualified teachers for our students. But most importantly, we strive to develop great relationships with our students and families as we come together to build a strong school community.
Kaleen Pulley
Kaleen Pulley
At Buford Senior Academy, we believe in every student and therefore, they achieve!  Our emphasis is on the importance of working together as a community of students, teachers and parents to support the success of one another.  Buford Senior Academy offers a high quality educational experience with rigorous academic courses.  We nurture a lifestyle of expecting excellence of one another.  We have enthusiastic parents, outstanding teachers and precious students who are proud to belong in a community with a rich history and an exciting future.  The ultimate goal of Buford Senior Academy is to encourage students to be successful, well rounded, and life-long learners.

Welcome to Buford Senior Academy!
 Chad Cole
Chad Cole
Assistant Principal
Twenty-six years ago I received the opportunity to walk away from seminary and enter the public school classroom. What I thought would be a fun little adventure quickly became a life changing and meaningful career. I did not realize at the age of twenty-two that the passion of public service would overtake me and grow me into the man that I am today.

My first eight years were spent at Cedar Shoals High School in Athens, Georgia. These were the best of times for me as a young teacher. For a middle class kid from Peachtree City, Georgia, this was an environment that I had never experienced.  Teaching American and World History was my assignment, but developing young minds through day to day compassion, critical thinking, and loyalty was the result.

I spent years nine through twelve teaching on the opposite end of the socio-economic ladder at Starr's Mill High School in Fayetteville, Georgia. With the influence of great administrators and department chairs at Starr's Mill, I realized that supporting teachers was becoming my calling.

I am now in my fifteenth year as an administrator in Buford City Schools. I am blessed to have served eight years at Buford High School followed by six years at Buford Middle School. Buford is a community that adores its schools and ingrains the expectations for excellence in all that we do. It is a blessing to serve our students, teachers, and community.  My family and I enjoy all that Buford has to offer, and, hopefully, we are able to add to the excellence that is Buford.

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