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Buford Senior Academy Media Center

Welcome! The Buford Senior Academy Media Center offers a multi-dimensional program designed to meet the needs and interests of our students.  It’s our goal to create an environment that fosters a love of reading for pleasure and information. We recognize that reading for pleasure is a wonderful activity with many benefits. Reading is also the foundation for becoming an effective user of information and ideas, especially in this technology-driven age where information is so widely available. Please explore the various programs available to encourage and support our students in reading for pleasure and information.
Media Information: 
Hours: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm daily
Check-Out Times: 8:10 am - 2:40 pm daily
School Store: 8:00 am – 8:30 am daily
Check Outs:
Grades 4-5: two books  
Book Fairs:
The Media Center sponsors two Book Fairs each school year. One fair is held in the fall and the other in the spring.
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Emily Stewart
Media Specialist
"I absolutely love being Buford Senior Academy's Media Specialist! I love reading, learning, and exploring new discoveries! As an avid reader myself, I love the Media Center! Kids can wonder, explore, grow in independence, gain confidence, and discover what they love. At Buford Senior Academy we are able to encourage and build every student through the Media Center, and I am so grateful to be a part of it."
Kim Sitton
Media Clerk/Sub Coordinator
I have been with the Buford City School System for 14 years, first as a substitute, then joining the B.A. family as a clerk and now the BSA family. I LOVE the Media Center! Working here I am able to interact with ALL the students. It is exciting to see them achieve so much throughout the year in Reading.